Are you stepping back into the public speaking arena, or maybe even dipping your toe in that water for the very first time? 

Are you already a badass at leading workshops and live transformational conversations and are just looking for an avenue to share your gifts with resonant, heart-centered, energy-empathy-and-emotionally-sensitive business owners and ideal clients? 

Are you tired of managing all the back-end infrastructure, logistics, and complexities of producing an event to share your gifts? 

Dr. Fred Blum Shares His Appreciation For EAN

Arttemis Keszainn Lavishes Praise On EAN

Kirk McDow Shares His Experience at EAN

Are also you wanting to connect to a mastermind and community of like-minded entrepreneurs, coaches, and transformational thought leaders from multiple modalities, having your own skills and abilities as a coach upgraded in ways that you could've never imagined possible or accomplished on your own?  

Welcome to your opportunity to consider being interviewed to be a potential member of EAN SQUARED!

Any and all of the above and MORE are catered to by our powerful infrastructure known as Empowering All Now Squared - a unique combination of mastermind, transformational presenter training, coaching training, marketing training, and an elegant, seamless, easy opportunity for you to grow your business through creating new clients via workshops delivered on-stage. Empowering Austin Now is the central-Texas-local version of this, being in its second year with a solid track record of 26 unique events under our belt, generally one a month for almost the past two years! 

Through my nearly a decade spent in the realm of studying and experiencing profoundly impactful transformational events and workshops, and connecting with those who produce and manage these at the highest levels (who themselves have decades of accumulated experience producing workshops and live events), I've put together an elegant, efficient, powerful system for you to give your gifts that has reliably resulted in our presenters connecting with leads and closing sales with clients!

What you'll get through your yearly membership:

  • The ability to be invited to present at several exclusive, aligned, premium-quality day-long themed immersive transformational events each year where you will have the chance to share your gifts in forty-five minute presentations...and create new leads for your programs and coaching! Our themes range from Conscious Sex and Intimacy to Conscious Partnership, Conscious Entrepreneurship, Conscious Parenting, Living, and Health...
  • Professional marketing training via Facebook Livestreams based on the massive success and methods of two of our other EAN Members: Arttemis Keszainn (Founder of the PrimeTime Leadership Academy and Windows Into Wellness) as well as the work of massively multiply successful serial entrepreneur Knolly Williams (author and creator of the nationally-renowned book and course Success With Listings). Coaches using this system have created clients even before setting foot in the door for the events that they are marketing! 
  • Unique joint venture and collaborative opportunities between our Members made possible by the EAN network! 
  • A profoundly safe space and nurturing container for your growth and development - like a sandbox or playground for you to develop your heart-centered transformational public speaking skills and workshops. 
  • Professional back-of-the-room infrastructure taken care of, allowing you to have a profound Vortex, transformational container, and space for you to deliver your work with ease based on the best practices from the international leaders in professional growth, training, and development. This infrastructure incorporates best practices from modalities as various as Mastery Systems, Landmark Worldwide, OneTaste, and NLP.
  • Leverage my connections throughout Austin with conscious event production facilities and companies in order to create even more speaking engagements beyond the EAN events themselves! 
  • The ability to be invited to aligned events (as above) in new Empowering All Now cities as they open, such as Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Santa Fe, and New Orleans! 
  • Video recordings to be provided of your workshops, usable in marketing and your own promotion outside of EAN! 
  • Masterminds for Members to enjoy connecting, upgrading each other, and HAVING FUN! 
  • FREE TICKETS to all EAN events as a participant INCLUDING ONE GUEST PASS per event for a friend or loved one of yours!

"We've led conscious events all across the country, and we've never seen a more professional and clean, clear container for our work." - Shannon Gill-Jones, Friend of EAN

Now, if you’re seeing this page at all, it’s because I already have good reason to believe you’re THE REAL DEAL - that your gifts are powerfully transformative, unique, and new for our community and that you have a demonstrated track record for leaving clients and customers better than you found them - AND because YOU have ALREADY expressed a desire to be a speaker. All of the above is just to get you excited about the adventure we may be about to embark on together! 


all of the above sounds like something you’re interested in, please 


we'll talk about what it might look like to be a presenter.

Thank you,

Louis Brantmeyer,

Founder & CEO,

 Empowering All Now

(From Empowering Austin Now X: Conscious Sex and Intimacy)

From EAN X: Conscious Sex and Intimacy - 11/25/2018