Why Attend EAN?

 Are you ready to be equipped with all you need to CREATE and SUSTAIN the most satisfying and rewarding business success you've ever had with the help of some of Austin's top teachers, leaders, and experts in intimacy, sexuality, and business in a premium quality personal development workshop? 

Are you ready to receive the love, connection, flow, and ease that you desire in all areas of life?

Are you ready to claim the heart-centered, soul-nourishing depth of prosperity and partnership that you deserve by birthright?

Are you ready to align with your soul's deepest purpose in service of your world, integrating empathy and emotion and energy, enjoying the benefits of that in ALL your partnerships?

AND are you ready to do all of this within the carefully-cultivated Mastermind of a supportive, like-minded community where your intentions and declarations have EVEN MORE POWER, not to mention the coaching to break through ANY and ALL blocks that come up with HIGH SPEED?

Imagine being able to come to ONE PLACE and get 6+ hours of coaching, education, transformation, and empowerment for only $149.00... YES!...COUNT ME IN!

Since you are ready, COME THRIVE WITH US at Empowering Austin Now!

There are a limited number of seats (15)...and THIS WILL SELL OUT!

BrainJuice, Cacao, & Prime My Body Hemp Oil to be provided...all to support you in integration, learning, connection, and feeling absolutely and exquisitely FANTASTIC throughout the day! 

$1000+ worth of workshops and live one-on-one coaching for only $149... Don't Miss it!


Our Empowering Austin Now Manifesto:


Anything you desire to BE, DO, or HAVE is yours already with Alignment, Faith, and Inspired Action.

You have everything you need INSIDE OF YOU to be, have, or do anything you desire. We are here to unveil, unlock, and help you access that.

Life is meant to be FUN and EASY. Even moving through and releasing your blocks and limiting beliefs, too! Expect that here. <3

About Empowering Austin Now


Our Mission & Our Branches

We create day-long workshop series and live events to equip our community with the tools and technologies to THRIVE at all levels and in all areas of life! To join our upcoming event, click the REGISTER NOW buttons above! 

Through EAN SQUARED, we also provide a circuit of opportunities for high-powered conscious speakers to deliver their gifts, connect with participants, and mastermind with other conscious thought leaders, coaches, and transformational specialists! Click the link in the header to find out more! 


Our Past Events

EAN is built as a one-stop shop of transformation for raising your capacity and activating your potential in the following areas:

  • Conscious Sex & Intimacy
  • Conscious Entrepreneurship
  • Conscious Partnerships/Relationships
  • Conscious Money
  • Conscious Desire
  • Conscious Parenting

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