What Is Attending EAN Like?

Integrate the power of EMOTIONAL and SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE (energy, empathy, emotion, and embodiment) into your life, relationships, or business in the course of a beautiful, fun, day-long transformational immersion. 

Discover a resonant community  of heart-centered people who will become your new friends (or even your new FAMILY) for LIFE.

For three years and more than 50 events across Austin, EAN has brought Light, Life, Love, and Liberty into people's lives and we'd LOVE to serve YOU!

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About Empowering Austin Now


Our Mission & Our Branches

We create day-long workshop events to equip YOU with the tools, technologies, transformation, and community to THRIVE at all levels and in all areas of life! To join our upcoming event, click the REGISTER NOW button above! 

Through EAN SQUARED, we also provide a circuit of opportunities for high-powered conscious speakers to deliver their gifts, connect with participants, and mastermind with other conscious thought leaders, coaches, and transformational specialists! Click the link in the header to find out more! 


Our Past Events

EAN is built as a one-stop shop of transformation for raising your capacity and activating your potential in the following areas:

  • Conscious Sex & Intimacy
  • Conscious Entrepreneurship
  • Conscious Partnerships/Relationships
  • Conscious Money
  • Conscious Desire
  • Conscious Parenting